Letter from the President

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as your newly elected president. I'm Lauren Sage Balin and I practice Evolutionary Astrology here in Portland as well as teach classes at the Portland School of Astrology.  Astrology is not only my profession it's also my passion and my mission, so I'm very excited to be a part of this organization and its tradition of bringing relevant and affordable astrology from many points of view into our lives on a regular basis.  As you can see on the website we have an exceptional line-up of astrologers and events scheduled for this year. Everything changes as the saying goes and along with a new presidency we also have a new location.  As much as we enjoyed the previous location over the years, there were changes in their policies that led to our decision to move. We are now at the Society of Friends on Stark and 44th, a place I hear OAA was at many years ago. They have since remodeled and are very welcoming and we think it's going to be a good fit.   I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and new members as we embark on another memorable year of community and astrology!