Astrologer Database

The OAA provides this list as a service to its members. Individual astrologers are solely responsible for the content and nature of their services, and the OAA does not endorse any particular approach, method, or school.


Tammy Anderson

A'nu Healthcare, PC

Personalized astrological aromatherapy blends based on your natal chart, Natal chart readings, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Herbal medicine, Energy healing

Lauren Sage Balin

Evolutionary Astrology and teacher

(503) 333-2931

Denise Berry

Horary, Natal, Relationship Compatibility, Soul Purpose. Traditional Astrology with an Evolutionary twist.


Dena DeCastro

Natal chart readings, year-ahead forecasts, mentoring, tutorials

(503) 252-1558Natal Chart Readings, Year-Ahead Forecasts, Mentoring, Tutorials

Mark Dodich

Business, astrocartography, compatibility, natal

(503) 252-1558

Layla Elam

Counseling, classes, and Astrodrama workshops

(503) 762-6854

Shelley Hines

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Past Life Regressions, Intuitive Evolutionary Birth Chart Readings

Liz Howell

Individual, Child and Relationship Astrology

SolaLUNA Healing Herbals


Barb Jackson

Barb’s Natural Life Changes Astrology

503 949 7114

Loren MccRory

Ebook Editing, Design & Formatting

Chart Analysis: Natal & Transits

Lorecroft Astrology & Press

Marsha Nord

Youth, vocational and relationship readings in person or by phone.

(503) 618-8950

Jaysen Paulson

Cosmophilia Astrology, Herbals and + Gifts

Astrology with emphasis on health, wellness, physical and emotional astrology, Hellenistic astrology, radical astro, philosophy, herbalism, magic and energetics, and remediation.

Jennifer Peters

Evolutionary Astrology Natal and Transit Readings


Lucy Pond

Astrologer and artist

Aiyanna Lynn Purdy



Linda Olson-Osterlund


Back Porch Astrology: Traditional and Modern Astrology, and periodic small classes


James Sebastian

Ancient and Traditional Astrology, natal, year ahead, horary, electional and short reports


Mari Saint-Pierre

Heart to Sol


Stacia Secreriat

Natal chart readings, self-care astrology, emotional remediation

Liz Thill

Astrological readings, reports, parties

(503) 333-6868

Emily Trinkaus

Astrologer, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, workshop leader.


Susan West

Blue Moon Astrology

International Speaker and full time astrologer since 1987.

Natal, transits/progressions, solar returns (forecasts), compatibility, past lives.

(503) 242-1214; (800) 630-2288

Helena Wolfe

Aries Point Astrology


Rhea Wolf

Astrology readings, workshops, energy work and free forecasts.