Astrologer Database

The OAA provides this list as a service to its members. Individual astrologers are solely responsible for the content and nature of their services, and the OAA does not endorse any particular approach, method, or school.


Laura A Allmacher

Northwest Astrologer

Astrological readings including transits, progressions and returns; Chinese Medicine; Acupuncture; Sound & Energy Medicine

Tammy Anderson

A'nu Healthcare, PC

Personalized astrological aromatherapy blends based on your natal chart, Natal chart readings, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Herbal medicine, Energy healing

Kelsey Bee

Deep Sea Astrology

Astrology services to support healing, transition, and transformation: natal chart interpretation, annual forecast, parent-child relationship readings, queer astrology, and community-based astrology workshops for teens and adults.

Denise Berry

Horary, Natal, Relationship Compatibility, Soul Purpose. Traditional Astrology with an Evolutionary twist.

(503) 231-5679

Scooter Cascadia

Deeper Harmony

Vanessa Couto

Liminal Journeys

Astrology sessions which focus on life purpose, livelihood, career, and also for business and branding. Astrological Art - commissioned birth chart mandalas.

Dena DeCastro

Dena DeCastro Astrology

Astrological Counseling, Natal Chart Readings, Forecast Readings, Mentorship, Astrological Instruction

3115 SE Franklin St.

(503) 890-4531

Aubrie DeClerck

Coaching for Clarity - Career Astrology

Mark Dodich

Business, AstroCartography®, Compatibility, Natal

(503) 252-1558

Melanie Gurley

Beautiful Astrology

Monthly readings, Classes, AstroBodies™ Drawings, host of The Beautiful Astrology Podcast, Speaking & Teaching

Shelley Hines

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Past Life Regressions, Intuitive Evolutionary Birth Chart Readings

Jessica Huber

Not Just Astrology

Natal chart, transits, solar return, astrology coaching, tutoring

Barb Jackson

Barb’s Natural Life Changes Astrology

(503) 949-7114

Danny Lampton

The Light and the Weight

Danielle Meyer

Elysian Anodyne

Astrological Chart Interpretations and Lecture

Dave Mockaitis

Dave Mockaitis Astrology

Natal, Forecasting, Synastry, Electional, Locational

Dazmond Natalie Moravec

Astrological Divination

Astrology consultations, Tarot readings, coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs, and courses in Tarot and Astrology.

Jaysen Paulson

Cosmophilia at the Portland School of Astrology

Natal chart consultation, business consultation, remediation, wellness/herbal. Classes, year-long programs, free community events, library, bookstore.

2110 NE 45th Ave, Portland OR 97213

(503) 284-6768 |

Stacia Secreriat

Moon Deep Astrology

Natal chart readings, Self-care astrology, Emotional remediation

Michael Wilson

Art of Astrology

Readings, Reports

Rhea Wolf

Astrology readings, workshops, energy work and free forecasts.

(503) 234-8996