Traditional Astrology Seminar

Demetra George

January 25–26, 2013

(This event is not affiliated with OAA)

“Traditional Astrology: Applying Hellenistic Astrology to Chart Interpretation”

Review, integrate and apply the Hellenistic principles we have studied in previous seminars in this ongoing series by analyzing several charts. First we will determine the condition of each planet by sect, phase, rulership, and aspect, and then rank the planets in order of their relative capacity to bring about positive circumstances in the life of the individual. Next, we will examine the topics of each of the twelve houses such as health, marriage, profession, children, and finances, and based upon the condition of the planets that occupy and rule each house, we will make a judgment concerning the fortunate or unfortunate outcome as well as the originating cause. Finally we will employ several Hellenistic timing methods – profections, planetary periods and ascensional times to identify the peak periods of activity for each of the topics.

Throughout the seminar we will continue to discuss philosophical and ethical considerations in navigating between our dual roles as astrologer and counselor – what we see in the chart and what we say to the client. Newcomers are welcome to attend and see what we are doing in this ongoing series. You can ‘get up to speed’ before or after by listening to the recordings of previous sessions.

Event Details

Friday Night: 7:30–9:30 p.m.
Saturday: 1:00–5:00 p.m.

Location: Heart Fire Yoga 7334 N Chicago Ave, Portland OR 97203 | Get map

IMPORTANT: If you’re coming from anywhere but upper NE, it is MUCH faster to get to the studio by crossing the St. Johns bridge from Highway 30.

Program Cost: $75.00 ($70.00 if registered by January 4, 2013)

Register at this URL:


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