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Steve Wolfson: Chart Interpretation - Synthesizing Archetypes, an Experiential Workshop

Saturday Workshop:

One place many seem to find difficult in astrology is learning to combine the many symbols in a chart.

As example, "what does it mean with South Node is 4th house Virgo, Mars in Aquarius in the 9th house? How do I combine Moon (4 th/ SN), Virgo, Mars, Sagittarius, 9 th house, Aquarius, to understand the meaning of that?"

We will explore, from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective, combining chart symbols and placements into an in depth analysis and interpretation. We'll work with charts volunteered by participants. With open group discussion, we'll step by step build a collective interpretation. Along the way we'll have time for general questions too.

12:30 - 4:30 pm
Location: 4312 SE Stark St, Portland 97215 (Friend's Meeting House)
$40 OAA members / $60 non-members
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Steve's Bio:

Steve Wolfson has been on an eclectic spiritual path since the 1960's. For 14 years Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green has been an important vehicle. Steve studied with Jeffrey and has astrologically counseled hundreds of people. He lives in Ashland Oregon and offers readings by phone and in person. Website: Email: phone: 541-201-0825

Steve sees astrology charts as a map into the Soul that reveals our past, shows where we are now, and where we are heading. The healer helps clients integrate chart insights into their daily life, through validation, nurture, and acceptance, starting with the healer!