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Beyond 2017: Annual Astro Faire

Our theme this year is Beyond 2017, an astrological look to the future. Join us for lectures from local professional astrologers, a panel discussion, a raffle, a marketplace of vendors selling astro wares, and more! See below for a full list of speaker topics and times.

Location: 4312 SE Stark St, Portland 97215 (Friend's Meeting House)
$5 at the door


12 - 12:45  The Moon’s Nodes and a Total Solar Eclipse Stimulate Changes with Mark Dodich

After 1½ years of spiritual destiny nodes passing through hard-working Virgo and sleepy Pisces, aren’t you ready for an enthusiastic change of pace? Join us to learn how to take advantage of the nodes moving into heart opening Leo and friendly Aquarius this spring. Add to that a rare total solar eclipse in fun-loving Leo coming in August, and you have a formula for coming out of the humble background to live life on a full and creative level. All are welcome. You don’t need to be an astrologer to gain insight into the next 1½ years of your life.

1 - 1:45  The Prodigal Spirit and Creative Vitality of Jupiter and Uranus with Gray Crawford

The full phase opposition between Jupiter and Uranus we experience throughout 2017 has consistently brought liberating breakthroughs amid the death of old forms in world history.  The shattering and dissolution of old paradigms is especially resonant this year, as the Jupiter and Uranus opposition is occurring within waning cycles of release between Jupiter and Saturn with Neptune and Pluto.  We will explore historical and current correlations with the Jupiter and Uranus cycle, including their current placements in Libra and Aries as well as the eventual shift of Jupiter into Scorpio and Uranus into Taurus in the year ahead.

2 - 2:45  Mega-Manifestation of Zeitgeist with Andrea Gehrz

How do the upcoming year's transits affect us, and how can we optimize for our potentials, while remediating potentially difficult transits? In this lecture, we'll discuss survival techniques as well as the most beneficial ways to capitalize on opportune transits. 

3 - 3:45  Panel Discussion moderated by Melanie Gurley

Group discussion with the day's speakers about how their transits and the astrological themes beyond 2017 impact one another and us as individuals.