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Erica Jones workshop, Saturn-Pluto and You: The birth contraction of 2018 – 2021

The workshop also addresses the upcoming Saturn-Pluto world transit as well as:

  • Introduction of self, practice, lineage and syntheses across disciplines (depth ecopsychology, dream work, systemic (family) constellations, myth)
  • Explanation of the methodology used
  • Invocation of the archetypal complex(es) 
  • Review of cultural history of Saturn-Pluto periods (recurring themes, patterns, paradigmatic individuals)
  • Review of cultural history of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto periods (recurring themes, patterns, paradigmatic individuals)
  • Saturn-Pluto belongs to the community of life (aka, Saturn-Pluto is NOT all bad!)
  • Collectively identify current trends around the world that play into or belong to this archetypal complex
  • Forecast for 2018 - 2021 - pick out key dates based on specified criteria; explore triggering of major world transits by inner planets; the pitfalls of prediction and awareness of negativity bias
  • Transit Analysis: Natal Charts and this time period through individuals, generations, and charts of workshop participants
  • Astrological Constellation of the 2018 - 2021 period (using the modality of systemic (family) constellations, an exploration of this time period - a constellation of inquiry only, not seeking any healing resolution although it will end with participants locating a resource to take with them into that time period, and a corresponding gift they could receive from that time period)


1 pm - 5 pm
Location: 4312 SE Stark St, Portland 97215 (Friend's Meeting House)
$40 OAA members / $60 non-members
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Erica has a Master's degree from the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where she studied astrology and archetypal cosmology with Richard Tarnas, Keiron Le Grice, Rod O'Neal, Jessica Garfield-Kabbara, Matthew Stelzner and others.  She has studied astrology since 2007 and practiced professionally since 2013.