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Gray Crawford: Opening to the Other - Relationships in Progression

Saturday Workshop:

The secondary progressed chart is a powerful astrology technique that penetrates into the evolving quality of the natal chart across time. We know that as time passes so do our desires for relationship transform. This workshop will explore how changes in our secondary progressed chart reveal insight into how we are opening to the relationships of our life in new ways.  This workshop will both instruct as well as give space for participants to actively gain deeper understanding into how planets shifting signs and houses through progressions reflect the changes we experience in all of our diverse relationships.  We will also explore how the changes in the interpersonal dynamics within long-term relationships can be seen in the interplay between the changes in the progressed charts of each partner.

Please bring a copy of your natal chart and your current secondary progressed chart to the workshop.

12:30 - 4:30 pm
Location: 4312 SE Stark St, Portland 97215 (Friend's Meeting House)
$40 OAA members / $60 non-members
Pay Online!

Gray's Bio:

Gray uses astrology as an art of guidance and discernment for Self-actualization and the realization of who one is becoming in the ever-changing moment. The birth chart serves as a seed revealing the potential growth one is evolving toward, and Gray uses numerous astrological methodologies to analyze the quality of time experienced by those he consults with. If transits or timing techniques suggest a challenging time period, Gray will suggest options for remediation resonant with the astrological implications.