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Rod Suskin: Astrology, Spirituality and the Shaman's Journey

  • Friend's Meeting House 4312 SE Stark St Portland, OR, 97215 United States (map)

Saturday Workshop

In South Africa, shamanism lives in the unbroken traditions of the traditional healers/diviners called Sangomas. These shamans are to a difficult and dramatic journey of initiation that is the perfect illustration of the Hero's journey described by Carl Jung. Through ritual dancing, drumming, trance and dreams they are the spiritual leaders of their communities. South African Astrologer Rod Suskin is an authentic initiated Sangoma who brings the African and Astrological traditions together. 

This workshop will explore the process of calling, initiation and practice of the Sangomas and how they follow the Hero's path in the real world. We will look at the astrology of shamanism - how do we identify the shaman's calling in the chart? We will also explore how to look at all aspects of spirituality in the chart in a practical and meaningful way for the client. We will look at how sangomas use throwing of the bones to divine the meaning of dreams and to diagnose problems We will look at the astrological methods of using a chart for dream interpretation. The workshop includes a unique and fascinating visual tour of this living shamanic tradition in rural Africa.

Rod's Bio:

Rod Suskin is a well-known South African astrologer who has been in professional practice as an astrologer since 1989 and an initiated, practicing Sangoma since 1982. This is a unique opportunity to understand shamanism in a living culture, the Jungian journey in a real-life context, and to expand your astrology to new horizons.

12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: 4312 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97215 (Friend's Center)

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